Would you like help deciding which online platforms are best for connecting with your customers?

The internet is a rich and varied landscape where locating and communicating with your particular customers can require some guidance.

Let us help you. By looking at your website/ social media and by understanding what your business is trying to achieve, we can point you in the best online direction.

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Our baseline audit clarifies and checks on the following:


What are the things your business is setting out to achieve, and how will marketing help this happen?
Who are the people you are seeking to help with your product or service?
Are there people you are looking to reach who can help you (employees, partners)?

How can we get all of this done?


Is your site easy to navigate and does it create a good impression?
Does the site load quickly?
Is it mobile friendly?


Is the site built in an SEO friendly way?
Have you got the basics in place for your site to rank?
Where are the big opportunities for you site in search engine rankings?


Do you have measures in place that let you know how well your online marketing tactics are working for you?


What are your key areas of strength?
How could you get more content publicity and interaction with the people you want to talk to?

Social media

What are the opportunities for you to engage more in social groups online?
How do you rise above the noise?
What can you learn from others in the social space?
Who can you help? Who can you inform? Who can you entertain?





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